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Brunswick Stew-pid

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Looks like our northern neighbor is affected by the same disease that Upstate SC has:

the Brunswick County school board began discussions on teaching creationism alongside evolution – something all four board members present showed a strong interest in. The talk began after Joel Fanti, a parent and graduate of the school system, told the board that he considered it a problem to teach evolution as a fact and that science teachers should include creationism in the curriculum, as well.The audience applauded.

… a case of The Stupid.  At this point, it seems that the state will squash this little Stupid outbreak.  The higher-ups in the NC school system recall the Dover trial.  This, after all, would be a more blatant attempt than the one in Dover to replace science with religion in the science classroom.  A lawsuit would almost certainly follow.

One more disturbing point:

Teachers have alternative assignments for students whose parents have objections about evolution, but students are still assessed on the topic in state tests

Lovely.  Parents can opt their kids out of biology, but teachers are still held responsible for students whose parents won’t allow them to learn?