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Stop: Rant time!

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

It’s the day of the first chemistry test.  Since this is a low-level introductory class, we’ve spent much of the last few weeks learning how to do math for lab work rather than actual chemistry – because when students say they have problems with chemistry, they’re really saying that they have problems with math.

We’ve had extensive demonstrations of how to properly use scientific calculators for routine laboratory calculations.



In short, the students very well know that they’re going to be using their calculators for much of this test.

So … why do students still come to the test without their calculator?  It’s not like there’s a very long checklist of things to bring to the test:

  1. The student’s brain
  2. A pencil or two
  3. A calculator

The next thing you know, some students will be leaving their brains at home on the kitchen table.

Here endeth today’s rant.