Hiking the Argentina Trail

it’s hard to say anything really coherant about South Carolina governor Mark Sanford’s disappearance on the Appalachian Trail to Argentina, largely because the story is such an incoherant mess.

TPMmuckraker has a chronology of the events in this bizarre scandal, but this image from The Daily Show probably makes events just as clear as the chronology does.

Where in the world is Mark Sanford?

Where in the world is Mark Sanford?

The thing that is obvious in all of this, though, is that Sanford was trying to hide something.

What was he hiding?  Jjust your typical garden variety party-of-family-values unfaithfulness.  He was cheating on his wife.

Gov. Mark Sanford admitted today that his secret trip to Argentina over Father’s Day weekend was to visit a woman he is having an affair with.


“I have developed a relationship with what started as a dear dear friend from Argentina. It began very innocently as I expect many of these things do, just casual email back and forth,” Sanford said. “But here recently this last year developed into something much more.”

Did he, perhaps, get a hot tip from our attorney general on how to use Craigslist to meet exotic people?  Was Sanford trying to upstage John Ensign’s media coverage?  Or was he merely ensuring that the only political party who will get anywhere near him as a presidential nominee in 2012 will be the Libertarians?

Sanford’s going to need another press conference to answer these burning questions. 🙂

At any rate, we now know that the governor of South Carolina handles affairs of state about as well as he handles his other … affairs.

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  1. libhomo says:

    I think some men use fundamentalist Christianity as a cover for their slutty ways.