New unemployment data is out

April unemployment data has been released, and South Carolina again ranks third in the nation in unemployment at 11.5%.  Only Michigan (12.9%) and Oregon (12.0%) fared more poorly than we.

The State notes that our seasonally adjusted unemployment is a new record for South Carolina – highest since recording started in 1976.

When does this become a “depression” rather than a “recession”?

The comments on that The State link above are interesting.

Comments from The State's article

Comments from The State's article

Right away we have a couple of folks blaming Obama for South Carolina’s economic woes, while at the same time our Governor is adamant about refusing any help from the Obama administration.  He’s so adamant about this that he’s filed a lawsuit about it.

Perhaps someone can educate me.  How is our state government’s refusal to accept help from the Obama administration Obama’s fault?

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