Friday Cat / Friday Cate: Pet sitter

Pet-sitter for hire!  Will work for a bottle of milk!

[Cate and Ash, 450px]

Of all our cats, Ash is the most laid-back.  Usually, she’s the only one who will allow Cate to pet or otherwise touch her.  Sometimes Cate takes a little too much advantage of this, as you can see above.

I guess Cate hasn’t yet learned that Ash is not a park bench!

One Response to “Friday Cat / Friday Cate: Pet sitter”

  1. Billy says:

    We have four cats and two teenages. Somewhere in our videocassettes is a great piece of footage of Katie (now 14) running through the living room while screaming. Attached to her diaper (heading towards her knees) is a cat, claws embedded deep into the absorbant material, running behind her on his back legs (sort of a centauroid concoction). My wife and I plan to use it (along with photos of the potato salad incident) during the rehearsal dinner before the wedding.