Barbecue and the beach

Eric said

we’re headed down to myrtle on saturday. the arcadian shores there. i always love the tackiness and the excitement. where might i get some good vinegar based along the highway?

That’s actually a very good question, and it reminds me that I have been meaning to write about the local BBQ joints for some time. Unfortunately, I seem to forget my camera wvery time I go somewhere close! If you’re near Florence, you can stop by any of the local BBQ joints – Cain’s, Jakie’s (both on Pamplico Highway), or the more popular Roger’s (on Second Loop Road).

But if you’re heading down to Myrtle Beach and make it past Florence, you probably won’t be stopping at any places to eat along the way.

But you will be stopping!

[Traffic to and from Myrtle beach]

… and moving a bit. Then stopping some more.

Traffic’s gotten horrendous at and near Myrtle Beach. Good luck on the drive!

One Response to “Barbecue and the beach”

  1. eric says:

    yeah, it was pretty crowded. sometimes i don’t know why i keep going there every year instead of somewhere else, but i can’t help it. i just grew up going there.

    bbq is definitely difficult to come by in mb (not unlike a starbucks). i tried a north carolina tomato-vinegar style place because it seemed an intriguing combination, but i wasn’t impressed.